Business Critical Systems
Work breakdown as a consequence of data loss has a significant impact on business operations and it can cause profit loss, regardless of the company size.

Data protection becomes the key element in any company's IT strategy. Research reveals that the greatest risk of data loss comes from computers or system errors, but the human error is also a significant factor.

Accelerated development of technologies to protect hardware and software data has enabled companies and institutions to obtain a high level of data availability at very low costs.

IT systems based on the selection of optimal server, UPS and data storage systems form a fast and stabile technological platform for your everyday business operations and profitable growth.

Depending on customer's requirements, Ninth Dimension offers solutions based on the following components:

  • Multifunctional servers for smaller working groups
    Smaller working groups need to use a wide span of IT services but the system has to be constructed within the budget. It is possible to solve this problem by using a server from a lower price range without compromising quality and reliability.
  • Data base servers
    The key to your business successes is a data base you have been updating for years, but which will enable you to extract the necessary information within milliseconds. Whether you are using Oracle, SQL Server, mySQL, Informix, DB2 or some other technological platform, a custom made server will meet any of your requirements.
  • Redundant application servers
    The number of your application users grows daily and at the same time, availability requirements and recovery speed to previous functional state of the system are shortened. Application servers organized into "a farm" are surely going to solve this problem.
  • Multilayer server solutions
    If you wish to develop a complex IT infrastructure which will support your ERP, e-mail system, collaboration and report solutions, you will need several servers of different features, but of evenly high reliability.
  • Data storage systems
    In an environment using a large amount of data and information, data storage systems are an essential part of a plan intended to minimize risks and maximize benefits from information access.