Data Security
Your organization's most valuable asset is under constant attack.

While some are trying to steal your data outright, others are hard at work creating new ways to gain access to that data through an application. They're attacking your external applications that collect information, such as your websites, call centre programs, and point-of-sales systems. They're also after the sensitive internal systems that use and store your most sensitive information, such as human resources, enterprise resource planning, and financial and manufacturing data. It doesn't matter if the information is in use or "at rest" in a database, file, or archive - your organization's most sensitive data is always a target.

That's where Ninth Dimension comes in. Our Data Protection Solutions offers complete data security - from acquisition to deletion and in every point in between.

Our Solutions keep your data and information secure whether it is on premises, at the edge, or in the cloud. Ninth Dimension Security Solutions have features like encryption work with deduplication, backup and archive to secure data in flight or at rest across any storage media.

Benefits of having a Security and Encryption system in place include:

  • Reduction in costs by efficiently and securely storing data with on-premises and public cloud-based storage services
  • Reduction in privacy breaches and exposure events across the enterprise
  • Roles based access controls (RBAC) is integrated with Active Directory to provide single sign-on capabilities for users which delivers a much more streamlined operational structure
  • Encrypt data without slowing backups or the tiering of copies thanks to embedded encryption capabilities that can be applied selectively based on policies