Our Expertise
At Ninth Dimension, we understand our client's businesses - not just their IT environments - before we present a solution. We help clients prioritize their areas of focus based on their organization's individual goals and circumstances. Our experience allows us to offer an integrated approach to service delivery, so we can help IT organizations better to deliver more value across their entire business.
IT strategy and effectiveness
Assist clients in designing their IT strategies to support their business goals in areas such as designing practical IT architectures, technology platforms, operating models and plans to efficiently deliver required business and technical capabilities.
Enterprise architecture
Deliver a comprehensive enterprise architecture blueprint to support current and future business models, and establish supporting processes required to effectively define and deliver IT capabilities within an organization in a cost-effective manner.
IT operations
Review, assess, control and optimize IT operations, bringing a solid understanding of the full spectrum of operations sub-areas such as service catalog management, service level management, security, operational metrics and operational governance.
Data centre, infrastructure & internetworking
Design infrastructure, network and facilities (e.g. data centers) and develop processes to cost-effectively support business and technology requirements while considering all available sourcing options like cloud computing, other Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) and green technology options.