Replication Solutions
Data replication is defined as when data is copied from one location to another. This can be done over a storage area network (SAN) , local area network (LAN) or local wide-area network (WAN). The point of replication for disaster recovery is to have copies of your data that are up to date in the event of a disaster. There are two types of data replication products: synchronous or asynchronous. And another differentiator is where the replication takes place. It can be done in the storage array, at the host (server), or in the network.

By deploying replication software, you can:

  • Reduce disaster recovery costs with hardware independent, software replication
  • Manage data retention independently of copy and location
  • Recreate full backup copies with minimal data movement while avoiding impact to server and network resources with reduplication-aware, synthetic full backup processes
  • Realize up to 50% reduction in storage related costs through automation, data deduplication and consolidation to a single data management platform

  • Choosing the right data replication strategy can be tricky. And our methodology on reaching a data replication strategy will make your job easier.

    Our replication technologies deliver an integrated, single-platform approach to managing data replication no matter what your requirements are for data access, protection, recovery and compliance. This unique approach helps to ensure business continuity, reduce downtime and lower operational costs. We provide automated options to replicate data regardless of the underlying storage device. The result is hardware flexibility across both storage tiers and locations for either disk or cloud storage.

    Our Solutions for Windows offer affordable data protection provides fault tolerance and enables immediate recovery from any system outage at the push of a button though a unified console. Continuous data replication over any distance ensures you always have access to a current copy of your data, applications and operating system.

    These solutions monitor changes to all protected files and replicate only the bytes that change. Resource-friendly technology allows you to replicate to any disaster recovery site, over standard IP networks, for maximum protection against data loss. Choose between application-level or full-server failover to configure an alternate system to take over for the production server in the event of an outage. Double-Take Availability protects Exchange, SQL Server®, SharePoint® and more.