Simplify Public Cloud Consumption with Affordable Automation

Discover under-utilised Cloud Resources and optimize costs to enhance business efficiency

Cloud Services

Cloud services are closely tied to as-a-service cloud offering types: software-as-a-service (SaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS).  Cloud services provide many IT services traditionally hosted in-house, including provisioning an application/database server from the cloud, replacing in-house storage/backup with cloud storage and accessing software and applications directly from a web browser without prior installation.


• Multi cloud management
• Cloud orchestration
• Backup / Disaster recovery
• Storage optimization

DevOps & DevSecOps

• Application resiliency
• Testing orchestration
• Developer productivity

Site Reliability Engineering

• Observability
• DR Strategy
• BCP and Backup strategy
• Monitoring

Cloud Engineering

• Optimisation
• Architecture Review
• Application Development
• Automation


As technology service partners, we have a complete understanding of the criticality of digital transformation and migration. Our professionals analyze the data migration requirement and assist in the migration, maintenance, and optimization process. Our cloud management service ensures a seamless experience and helps the client organization take a step ahead in the digital world.

data management

We help in deploying and managing data within a hybrid and multi-cloud environment at the same time, protecting your data from Ransomware.

cyber security

We ensure a comprehensive cloud security solution to identify and mitigate security risks, as well as help in getting your Public Cloud Environment become compliant to industry standards like PCIDSS, HIPPA, and many more

Multi-cloud cost management & optimization

We initiate cost analysis and reserved instance planning to optimize the investment and create a scope to embrace the multi-cloud platform. All this with least human intervention, and using AI/ML-based automation


We help you to automate complex deployment, provisioning and maintenance activities on Public Cloud Infrastructure

DevOps & DevSecOps

DevOps adoption and Readiness Consulting and Implementation. As DevOps is a mix of culture, process, and people. In this service offering, we will be evaluating the client’s current posture and making very subtle changes to ensure no disruption while shifting to a very successful DevOps practice.

DevOps adoption and Readiness Consulting and Implementation.
Automation use case, planning, and implementation.
Developer Experience / Developer Productivity
Performance Engineering
Containerization and container Orchestration
Continuous Integration and Delivery of applications for faster go-to-market
Config and DB Deployments automated pipelines
Application and Infrastructure architecture review and periodical maintenance.


Security Shift Left
Secure Coding Practice
Infrastructure Baselining
Application Security



Cloud Engineering

SRE is a methodology that fuses software and operations teams, to produce reliable, resilient, and scalable systems.
Cloud Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is an approach to managing and maintaining the reliability of cloud-based systems and services. It combines principles from traditional Site Reliability Engineering with cloud computing practices.


Infrastructure Monitoring
Application Monitoring
Business Metrics tracking
Logging Solution Consulting, Implementation, and Support
Cost optimizationwith monitoring and Logging.


DR Strategy Consulting, Implementation, and Support.
BCP and Backup Strategy consultation and implementation for optimized cost and bette regulatory compliance.

Our Offering

Considering the feasibility and acceptance of cloud platforms, there is an exponential growth in data migration which also includes sensitive data of organizations. This raises security concerns that must be addressed through security protocols and robust applications.

Our offering involves the management of cloud computing products and services effectively optimizing cost. Apart from structuring flawless workflow automation, the focus is also on ensuring strict adherence to compliance and associated security while migrating data to the cloud.

To evaluate the complexity and impacts of the cloud infrastructure on the application workloads, we leverage AI-assisted correlations and root cause analysis to create a comprehensive report and intelligent alerting. This empowers our clients to gather valuable insights and manage the cloud migration and infrastructure better.

Key Takeaways

Cloud management as a solution by Ninth Dimension


Ensure automation of data visibility and control for smoothing functioning

Cost-efficient solutions

With smart recommendations, we identify opportunities and augment the usage of cloud resources to ensure cost optimization

Integration and support

Guaranteed operational efficiency with intelligent deployment of cloud services and end-to-end support and consumption

Customization and experience

An assurance to improve user experience with customized cloud integration

Cloud Managed Services Models that we offer

Customer MANAGED

  • Cloud Automation Platforms
  • Severity Based Tickets

Shared Responsibility Model

  • Cloud Automation Platform
  • Severity Based Tickets
  • Monitoring for Cloud Infrastructure
  • Customer Success Manager – Dedicated or Shared

MANAGED Services

  • Cloud Automation Platform
  • Severity Based Tickets
  • Monitoring for Cloud Infrastructure
  • Customer Success Manager – Dedicated or Shared
  • Cloud Advisory, Consulting and Solution Architecture

Case Study


Chief Executive Officer

Bhargav With 24+ years of professional experience with extensive exposure to the areas of Strategic Business development, Large Account Management and extensive experience in Enterprise sales of products/solutions and managing high impact Sales Teams has worked in large Indian and Multinational Organizations like HCL, Apara, NetApp & IBM before Ninth Dimension.

He started Ninth Dimension in 2010 a high impact organization that has been able to deliver the building blocks of Infra/ Private / Public to over 300+ customers multinationals and India Parent organizations in the last 11+ years.

Business development experience in almost the entire spectrum of IT products and services, Viz Computing, Storage, Virtual environments (converged / Hyper-converged), Networking, Enterprise Security, Cyber-security and Public Cloud Cost Optimization/Automation has helped Ninth Dimension to be the leader in niche product consulting, architecting and delivering the solutions to their clientele.

His varied experience and understanding of business opportunities and customer’s business pain points has always propelled him to be part of India partner advocacy teams for many large and niche IT brands in India.

Few Learnings that he always quotes and has learnt from
  • Customer is the King
  • People buy from People
  • Technology has the shelf life of a banana
  • Brain is an optional extra

Large Account Management

Strengths in
  • Building and managing customer and partner relationship
  • Deep understanding of technology and solutions