Overcome your digital infrastructure boundaries

Propel organizational growth with sustainable data center infrastructure solutions

Data Center Infrastructure

We understand the need of technical expertise needed to deploy data center and DR infrastructure. Hence our team of experts carefully gather the requirements specific to the client organization to set up the infrastructure. A DC / DR with appropriate services and infrastructure can run smoothly to optimize the needs of the organization with valuable insights.


Streamline your data to optimize the operational need and safety of the data of the organization in a cost-efficient manner

and Virtualization

Enhance the scope with cloud computing and virtual infrastructure that can utilize the capabilities of physical resources through multiple virtual platforms

/Hyper-converged platforms

Ensure compatible storage, processing, and deployment of both converged and hyper-converged infrastructure


Take a step towards a secure, reliable, and sustainable future with an assured performance and uptime of data center infrastructure


Optimize and analyze data for insights and data-driven decisions

Our Offering

Data being the quintessential aspect of a DCI is critical. Hence, losing it due to a security breach or its inaccessibility due to downtime can cause severe loss to an organization.

As your technology partner, we offer end-to-end support to help you transform your data center into a more resilient and efficient platform that can become the backbone of your operational lifecycle.

As a part of the offering, we ensure that the data center infrastructure is reliable and efficient with reduced downtime risk and carbon footprint. This will enhance the overall capacity of the data center infrastructure in streamlining and syncing required data in less time and in a secure way.

Further with the possibility to monitor and manage the infrastructure through real-time alerts and performance analysis, data center infrastructure can be optimized to create a cost-efficient integration with actionable intelligence.


DCI as a solution by Ninth Dimension

Increased uptime

Outage can be disastrous, we ensure uptime with resilient technology and pro-active monitoring

End-to-end solution

Continuous support and skilled guidance can be the game changer in a competitive environment

Improved productivity

Leveraging the right technology will boost the productivity of the organization

In-house expert architects

A team of trained and experienced professionals will make the digital journey smooth and seamless

State-of-the-art infrastructure

We assist to create the perfect ecosystem for a highly efficient data center

Case Study


Chief Executive Officer

Bhargav With 24+ years of professional experience with extensive exposure to the areas of Strategic Business development, Large Account Management and extensive experience in Enterprise sales of products/solutions and managing high impact Sales Teams has worked in large Indian and Multinational Organizations like HCL, Apara, NetApp & IBM before Ninth Dimension.

He started Ninth Dimension in 2010 a high impact organization that has been able to deliver the building blocks of Infra/ Private / Public to over 300+ customers multinationals and India Parent organizations in the last 11+ years.

Business development experience in almost the entire spectrum of IT products and services, Viz Computing, Storage, Virtual environments (converged / Hyper-converged), Networking, Enterprise Security, Cyber-security and Public Cloud Cost Optimization/Automation has helped Ninth Dimension to be the leader in niche product consulting, architecting and delivering the solutions to their clientele.

His varied experience and understanding of business opportunities and customer’s business pain points has always propelled him to be part of India partner advocacy teams for many large and niche IT brands in India.

Few Learnings that he always quotes and has learnt from
  • Customer is the King
  • People buy from People
  • Technology has the shelf life of a banana
  • Brain is an optional extra

Large Account Management

Strengths in
  • Building and managing customer and partner relationship
  • Deep understanding of technology and solutions